Where can I find your pieces?

You can currently find Jake’s pieces on-line, shopWAG on Memorial Blvd (Winnipeg, MB), Two Rivers Gallery in Prince George BC, Southwest Art Gallery of Manitoba (Brandon, MB), Wasagaming Community Arts (Wasagaming, MB), Jewels of Siam (Wasagaming, MB), and Neat on Bowen (Bowen Island, BC).

Do you take commissions?

Yes, I will take custom orders, depending on my availability.  I will not recreate another artist’s work, but I can duplicate a previous design or make you something in the style or colours of your choosing.

How do I place a custom order?

Feel free to email me at metislady77@gmail.com so that we can discuss what you have envisioned. We can talk about design, pricing and timelines.

Do you make moccasins?

No, I do not.  I can refer you to some great makers if you’re interested.

How do you price your work?

Each piece is handmade and unique and you are paying for things such as: materials (variety and quality), hours spent designing, redesigning, and assembly. 

You mentioned you teach workshops - can I book you for an event?

Absolutely! Depending on the time of the event and the availability. Contact me directly at metislady77@gmail.com and we can discuss class and date options!

What is your return policy?

I do not offer refunds for pieces, I will however work with you to resolve any craftsmanship issues that may arise. Keep in mind that these pieces are delicate and are all handmade, and care should be taken with the items.  I would consider these heirloom pieces.

Can I wear Indigenous made items if I am non-Indigenous?

YES!!! These pieces are made for everyone, regardless of race or gender unless otherwise specified. Knowing that your pieces have been made by an Indigenous artist helps facilitate reclamation of Indigenous traditions.

It's about appreciation not appropriation. 

Where are your materials from?

I get materials in a variety of places. Often materials may be traded, or harvested (bark, quills, feathers, leather), other times those items are bought locally along with beads and findings. I try to source as locally as possible.

Now that I have relocated to BC, I have stocked up on materials so that I can create pieces true to my roots in the Metis Nation homeland. 

Do you have hypoallergenic findings?

Yes! All the findings are lead and nickel free (usually brass) but I do also offer gold or 925 findings upon request. This will reflect in the pricing as well.

How do you give back to the community?

I do fundraisers locally and have done one so far internationally. I also participate in bead drives and supply donations if requested and I have availability.

I believe that by creating a safe space to share about my culture during workshops, and helping others appreciate Indigenous culture(s) that I am also giving back to MY community or my Nation by being proud of who I am.


shipping is too expensive. Is there another option for mailing

As of late 2021 I had to change my shipping options. Too many pieces were; disappearing, being sent back, long wait times, etc. in order for you to have piece of mind all shipping is now tracked.